I have developed, launched, and maintained multiple projects from scratch, some of them are posted here. Each project includes all the details about technologies and methods used during the project life cycle.

Pawket Treats

This project is part of my work as a Software Engineer at Loopsdigital. I am responsible for developing and maintaining the back-end services, admin panel, and integrations with Shopify, Stripe, and Twilio.

Pawket treats is a platform for selling dog treats. Built on Shopify with a custom checkout, subscription system, and SMS-based order confirmations. A custom Shopify app has been built for managing customer support via SMS, subscriptions, recurring payments, and sales representative agencies.

  • One-step checkout.
  • Customer authentication and order confirmation via SMS.
  • Custom-built subscription model for purchasing products on a subscription basis (monthly/weekly).
  • Automatic subscription confirmation and payment charging.
  • One-time and recurring order payments (with 3D Secure enabled).
  • Customer support and reordering via text.
NodeJSMongoDBReactReduxShopifyStripeTwilioWeb SocketsSegmentHeroku


Meal Preparation Application

Thrive is a meal preparation application where users can search for recipes based on preferences such as diet, meal-type, and cuisine. Users of Thrive can save their favorite recipes, adjust the recipe according to the desired servings, and connect Google Calendar to the application. After connecting the calendar, the application shows the user his free times for the next seven days to prepare a meal.

  • Connect to Google Calendar to find free times to prepare a meal.
  • Save favorite recipes.
  • Adjust recipes as per desired servings.
  • Recipe search preferences such as meal type, cuisine, etc.
  • Recipe ingredients breakdown with price and quantity in both US & Metric.
  • Recipe preparation instructions.
  • Nutrients information for each recipe such as calories, fat, sugar, protein, etc.
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FUUAST Student Portal

Managing class activities for teachers and class representatives is always been a problem. This platform aims to make these smooth and efficient. Students don’t have to scroll through WhatsApp or Facebook groups to find the lectures or other classwork.

  • Responsive Design in the context of layout and different browsers.
  • Teachers can share work from anywhere using the admin's panel.
  • Work is categorized in semesters and courses.
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Clone of MaterialUI and FlatUI Colors

Colzone is all about colors inspired by the MaterialUI colors and FlatUI colors. Using the application, you can create a palette of colors, explore predefined palettes and their colors. Each color in a palette has 9 different shades available to choose from.

ReactMaterial UI


MetricBytes is developed for educational, learning, and testing purposes. It allows you to convert numbers between different units with CONVERTERS such as converting base from binary to decimal. The application performs calculations on 200+ quantities including converters on length, weight, temperature, etc.

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