MetricBytes is developed for educational, learning, and testing purposes. It allows you to convert numbers between different units with CONVERTERS such as converting base from binary to decimal. The application performs calculations on 200+ quantities including converters on length, weight, temperature, etc.

Converters & Calculators
  • All in one converter lets you convert a single number / numeric value in its corresponding units. For example, by using all in one converter for the length you can convert length in Foots to length in Miles, Inches, Yards, and other units at the same time.
  • Single Converters convert the value between two units, such as conversion between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • The calculator lets you calculate the value of formulas. For instance, you can calculate the Area, Circumference, and Diameter of a Circle by giving just the value of its Radius.
Main Features
  • Tons of Vanilla JavaScript (conversion and calculation between 200+ quantities).
  • PHP to handle Database and Internal Search Engine.
  • Device-friendly layout.
  • cPanel Hosting.
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