Pawket Treats

This project is part of my work as a Software Engineer at Loopsdigital. I am responsible for developing and maintaining the back-end services, admin panel, and integrations with Shopify, Stripe, and Twilio.


Pawket treats is a platform for selling dog treats. Built on Shopify with a custom checkout, subscription system, and SMS-based order confirmations. A custom Shopify app has been built for managing customer support via SMS, subscriptions, recurring payments, and sales representative agencies.

The custom app has a chat interface that lets a merchant communicate with customers via SMS.

  • One-step checkout.
  • Customer authentication and order confirmation via SMS.
  • Custom-built subscription model for purchasing products on a subscription basis (monthly/weekly).
  • Automatic subscription confirmation and payment charging.
  • One-time and recurring order payments (with 3D Secure enabled).
  • Customer support and reordering via text.
Tech Review
  • OAuth 2.0 flow with Shopify for accessing store resources.
  • Some Twilio services like SMS API, Autopilot, and Studio have been used.
  • Stripe is used as a payment processor for securely capturing, saving, and charging customer cards.
  • Web Sockets are implemented for real-time data transfer between client and server.
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