Meal Preparation Application

From the front-end user interface to back-end services, the application is completely made by me from scratch. Selection of the tools, technologies, and third-party food services allowed me to explore things beyond by just developing the application with predefined things.


Thrive is a meal preparation application where users can search for recipes based on preferences such as diet, meal-type, and cuisine. Users of Thrive can save their favorite recipes, adjust the recipe according to the desired servings, and connect Google Calendar to the application. After connecting the calendar, the application shows the user his free times for the next seven days to prepare a meal.

  • Connect to Google Calendar to find free times to prepare a meal.
  • Save favorite recipes.
  • Adjust recipes as per desired servings.
  • Recipe search preferences such as meal type, cuisine, etc.
  • Recipe ingredients breakdown with price and quantity in both US & Metric.
  • Recipe preparation instructions.
  • Nutrients information for each recipe such as calories, fat, sugar, protein, etc.
Tech Review
  • The application is built with the most loved programming language JavaScript for both front-end layout and back-end.
  • Redux is used for managing the application-level state.
  • Token-based User Authentication and Authorization.
  • Cloud MongoDB Service Atlas serves the database services.
  • Bootstrap among with SASS is used to design the beautiful layout of the application.
  • The application uses Spoonacular Food Services.
  • Deployed to Heroku.
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